Our Story


Whilst recycling is great, it still generates a huge amount of waste and plastic pollution which contributes to global warming, harming our health and our ecosystems. Not to mention, only around 11% gets really recycled.

Plastic is a material that never really decomposes, this is why we want to encourage you to precycle instead, which puts us a step ahead of the game. Precycling is the practice of avoiding and reducing waste when you make purchasing decisions.

It's time to start changing our consumer behaviour and make plastic-free shopping the new norm to heal our beautiful planet.

This is why Precycle Pantry was born...

Meet Caro, the human behind Precycle Pantry.

Hi! I am Caro, founder of Precycle Pantry. I am a Mexican living in the West of Melbourne with my amazing husband Matt and a baby on the way.

I started Precycle Pantry out of my own interest to live a minimal waste lifestyle. I have always been interested in sustainable living but with a busy lifestyle, and a long commute to work I found it hard to walk the talk.

Bulk shopping has been part of my grocery routine for a while, but I found myself tired of shopping at two or three different stores every week, lugging jars around in the boot of my car.

I wanted to solve my own problem and make plastic-free shopping convenient and easy for everyone, which is why I started working on this project. 

I am a big believer that it's with small steps that big changes can happen, and this is exactly what Precycle Pantry is all about. We want to invite people from all walks of life to say adiós to plastic in any capacity they can and help us with our mission: to make plastic-free shopping the new norm.


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