About Us

Precycle Pantry is a mobile zero-waste bulk shop and delivery service. We offer plastic-free household essentials delivered directly to your doorstep and the option to book Pablo the Van to visit your street so you can refill.

This is Caro, a 32 year old Mexican living in the West of Melbourne and the founder of Precycle Pantry. Caro's dream is to make plastic-free shopping the new norm; by making it easy, convenient and affordable.

“I've always loved the experience of visiting bulk shops and shopping plastic-free, but with a busy lifestyle I found this to be an extra effort and I couldn't find any convenient and sustainable solutions, so I wanted to solve my own problem”.

With Precycle Pantry you have the option of shopping online. All of our dry products are delivered in compostable paper bags and our liquids in returnable glass bottles.

If you rather have the mobile-shop experience, you can book Pablo the Van through our Community Refills page and we encourage you to bring your own containers from home. We tare them and you only pay for the weight you are purchasing. 
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