Zero Waste Loyalty Program

Join our Zero Waste Loyalty Program by booking a Home/CommunityRefill on a regular basis. We can do this together on your first visit.

The benefits are the following:

10% discount for the organiser (person who booked the event).

Free products! We'll give you samples of our new products or a product you've never tasted before at every booking.

-  We'll recycle for you and anyone coming to the booking. You can give us the following items and we'll go and recycle them:
1. Batteries, cartridges, pens, markers, old mobiles.
2. Soft plastics for Redcycle (check here what we accept)

No more organising. You won't have to think about booking us anymore. We'll do it together at each visit so you can just pop it in your calendar and forget about it until next time.

- Feel amazing for shopping plastic-free! Do your bit and be a good example for your family and community.


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