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Laundry Liquid - Eucalyptus

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This laundry liquid contains pure eucalyptus oil and it's phosphate and chlorine-free which makes it safe for grey water. Your clothes will smell fresh and clean when you wash with our laundry liquid in your top or front load washing machine. Environmentally friendly and suitable for washing in hot or cold water, our laundry liquid will provide excellent results in both.

Ingredients – Coconut Di Ethanolamide, Water, Eucalyptus Oil, Alkylbenzene Sulphonic Acid, Xylene Sulphonate, NL-8, Preservative

*All of our liquids are delivered in glass bottles that you are able to return on your next order by placing them at your doorstep and getting a $1.50 (500ml-750ml) or $2.50 (1L) shop credit back once we collect them. An email will be sent to you. Thanks for joining our local circular economy!

Country of Origin: Australia
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