Pits of Joy Organic Deodorant
Pits of Joy Organic Deodorant
Pits of Joy Organic Deodorant
Pits of Joy Organic Deodorant

Pits of Joy Organic Deodorant

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A natural deodorant, that actually works! Pits of Joy contains a unique formula of certified organic ingredients, that effectively provides long-lasting prevention against odour.

  • Made with only certified organic ingredients
  • Australian Certified Vegan and Choose Cruelty Free
  • Free from aluminium, GMOs, parabens, triclosan, alcohol and other chemical nasties
  • Goes on clear, and isn’t wet or sticky
  • Won’t leave white marks or residue
  • Confidently prevents odour all day
  • 55g jar lasts approx. eight to twelve weeks

Fragrance Options:

- Lemongrass + lavender: a gender-neutral, essential oil blend of lemongrass, lavender and bergamot

- Cedar + clove: a gender-neutral, essential oil blend of cedarwood atlas, clove bud, patchouli and bergamot

- Fragrance free: contains no added essential oils, just a hint of the natural aroma of the shea butter and coconut oil


How to use:

Gently rub a pea-size amount under each armpit into the area where hair sometimes grows. Much like wasabi, a little bit goes a long way, and using more won't make it anymore effective, so no need to lather up. For best results apply Pits of Joy to freshly laundered skin after bathing. If you're already a hot mess, never fear; pop some on and it'll get you through. Either way, just be sure to give it a minute to absorb before you put a top on.


A unique blend of 100% certified organic, natural ingredients! Skin-nourishing shea butter, moisture-absorbing arrowroot flour, odour-eliminating bicarbonate soda, coconut oil; the great all-rounder, and some skin-loving jojoba. Add a dash of certified organic essential oils, and you’ve got yourself Pits of Joy! cedar + clove contains a of bergamot, cedarwood atlas, clove bud and patchouli essential oils. While lemongrass + lavender contains bergamot, spike lavender and lemongrass essential oils.

How does it work?

Pits of Joy works by neutralising the bacteria on your skin that cause you to smell, whilst still allowing your body to do what it does naturally. To break it down; sweat itself doesn't actually smell. It's the bacteria that live on your skin consuming the proteins and lipids in your sweat, that causes the odour. So if you eliminate the bacteria, you eliminate the smell!

Pits of Joy Organic Deodorant
Pits of Joy Organic Deodorant
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